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Our Mission

Our Vision

To inform, inspire and entertain all Coloradans.

Our Mission

To deliver meaningful news, music, and cultural experiences to everyone in Colorado using the power of the human voice in all its forms.

Our Values

About our values

Our values inspire, inform and guide our everyday actions. They serve as a set of expectations and a promise we make to ourselves, our partners and audiences.


We conduct our work with a commitment and drive for creativity in everything we do. We are committed to a culture where everyone is encouraged to explore new approaches.


We must be as curious, or more so, as the people we serve. As curious human beings, we choose to ask, listen and learn, and seek multiple points of view.


Commitment to accuracy, integrity, trust and fairness matters deeply and drives us to be ethical in all that we do. We expect ethical behavior from each other and those with whom we partner.


Diversity, inclusion and equity are core values of our workplace and essential to our mission and vision to bring together many voices in serving all Coloradans.


We strive to create a culture of trust. Treating others fairly, with civility and kindness defines us for our audience communities and ourselves.