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Your Will Reflects Your Values

Your Will Reflects Your Values

Alan Arbuckle and Eric Cornejo

Alan Arbuckle and Eric Cornejo

"We come from the school of thought that the way you solve problems is through education." Such is the reasoning behind Alan Arbuckle and Eric Cornejo's support of Colorado Public Radio. "There's no other place to hear about the issues in our community and our world, with truly objective reporting. It allows me to continue to learn, without the opinions and spin that are so prevalent in other media," Alan explains.

Eric says plainly, "Education got me out of poverty." He grew up as the son of a single mom in the projects. She earned two master's degrees in library science and bilingual education and raised three boys on her own. For Eric, education and the ability to think, reason and understand diverse perspectives helped shape him and his appreciation for CPR's work.

CPR as stress relief

Alan, a physician, and Eric, who works in finance, both describe themselves as "news junkies" who depend on CPR News during their long commutes. At the office, though, it's CPR Classical that gets them through the day. Alan's office is equipped with a "serenity chair," for stressed co-workers to come in, sit down, listen to CPR Classical and recover before going back to the busyness of their day.

Alan also appreciates what he learns on CPR Classical. "Hearing about Mozart's life as it relates to his music helps me appreciate the piece in a greater way," he says.

Taking the next step

There's a sheepish look on each of their faces as they confess that they listened to CPR for years before deciding to become members; however, once they realized that they have a responsibility to give back to their community, they sat down and said, "Let's pick the causes that matter to us." And, Alan adds, "CPR is one that we definitely have to support."

For Eric and Alan, deciding to add CPR in their estate plan as Legacy Partners was just the next step. Alan explains, "If it all goes as we want it to, we'll enjoy a good long retirement and have money left over." He says that when they're gone, they want CPR to continue. He adds, "We hear that your budget reflects your values. I would add, 'your will reflects your values.'"

Encouraging others to support Colorado Public Radio as Legacy Partners is another reason to do what they do. Eric says, "Take a good look at what your legacy will be and find it in your heart to give to CPR." Alan quips, "You can't take it with you."