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Your Values Live Today and Tomorrow Through a Legacy Gift: Leslie Wilson

Your Values Live Today and Tomorrow Through a Legacy Gift: Leslie Wilson
Leslie Wilson

Leslie Wilson is not your average CPR donor. She was already a member when she made the decision in her late 30s to include Colorado Public Radio in her estate plan, also making her a Legacy Partner.

"I have fun making money and have fun giving it away," the Colorado real estate investor says. "It's something my grandmother helped instill in me, and I still try to follow her advice to 'give while you live.'" Leslie adds, "She had a significant influence on my life."

Leslie is reflective as she talks about another major influence in her life—the death of her mother at 51. It made her aware at an early age how short life can be. For Leslie, there's something soothing about knowing that her own affairs are in order.

Her background as a financial planner has also made her aware of the responsibilities that come with wealth, including giving to an organization that can be trusted to steward the donor's gift wisely, that will be there for the long term and that reflects a donor's values.

As for Leslie's values, having a critical information source for the people of Colorado is of the highest importance. "It's one thing to be a voter and another to understand the issues. CPR helps enlighten the electorate."

Leslie loves CPR's in-depth reporting and finds herself visualizing a story through words and voices. Hearing a story about a woman describing her experience as a juror, Leslie states, "I could imagine myself in her shoes." But what Leslie can't imagine is life without CPR.